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Off Grid Caravan Tips

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Off Grid Caravan Hire Tips

Conquering the Mid North Coast: Off-Grid Caravanning Adventures Await!

The call of the wild beckons! Here at Dirt Gear (we rent amazing caravans!), we know you crave adventure beyond the confines of caravan parks. That’s why we offer caravans primed for off-grid exploration along the stunning Mid North Coast. These beauties can handle the remoteness, but mastering off-grid living requires a different approach to power, water, and sunshine.

Embrace the Freedom, Master the Essentials:

Off-Grid Ready: Your caravan is equipped for adventure! No power or water hookups? No worries! Just keep in mind the nuances of managing power, water, and solar. We’re happy to prep the van for your off-grid escape, but reach out beforehand to chat about the details specific to your trip.

Essentials to Consider:

Let’s delve deeper into water management. While your van excels at off-grid living, water conservation is key. Be mindful of usage – quick showers or even skipping them might be necessary for longer trips. With more adventurers on board, the toilet fills up faster, so regular emptying is crucial.

Most of our vans carry 200 liters of water on board. While this sounds like a lot, showers, drinks, washing dishes/clothes, and the toilet all run from these tanks.

Big Tip: Short toilet flushes & Short showers

If you have had the Van delivered, then you have no way to tow the Van to a water source to refill. There is a 20ltr water gerry can, that you can fill at a designated refilling station or a potable water source and then transfer that water to the Van. But that is alot of trips to fill those tanks!!!!

Short Flushes….. We see this all tooooo often. People holding the flush button down for too long. This uses more water and fills the toilet cassette quicker! Means that you will need to do that walk to the dump point and empty the toilet cassette more. (dont let the toilet over fill, pretty yuckie job to clean and we charge alot to do it for you!)

Grey Tank. This tank stores water from the sink and shower. Most of our Vans have 80 ltr grey tanks. In all national parks you are required to hold this water. If these tanks fill you will need to transfer it to the dump point (Bucket supplied). Some caravan parks allow you to have the Grey Water run to a garden or grey water outlet.

Big Tip: Most camping areas have amenities. Use them where possible. Save the caravan toilet for those late night runs that always seem to happen when camping…..

If you are connected to “shore water” EG: caravan park water or mains pressured water, then you will have endless supply of water. This also bypasses the onboard water tanks.

Solar Power: This is your lifeline off-grid! The batteries rely on sunshine, so a few cloudy days might push them to their limits. Strategically plan your power consumption and utilize low-wattage appliances whenever possible. Remember, simple things like quick phone charges and mindful fridge usage make a big difference. ☀️

Also look at where you park the Van. The Solar panels are on the roof, so consider when shade will cover those solar panels. We do have additional solar blankets that you can place in direct sun to help when the Van is under shade.

Solar charges the batteries and the batteries run all the lights, fans, USB outlets, Stereo, fridges and water pump. If you run out of power, you wont be able to pump water or flush the toilet….

Most of our vans can run on battery power for basic needs for 2-3 days (depending on usage).

Fridge: Over vans have 2 different types of Fridges.

3 Way Fridge.This fridge will use Gas when off grid. Saves battery power, however that are a lot slower to reach opperating temp.

12Volt Compressor – These run off the batteries, Super efficent and reach opperating temp very quickly. But if that Battery runs flat, your fridge stops also.

Big Tip:Keep the fridge as full as possible as this will help them work at peak efficency. Yes – keep more beer in the fridge…. hahaha

Off-Grid Comfort with a Few Caveats:

While off-grid adventures offer unparalleled freedom, there are some limitations to keep in mind:

  • No Air Conditioning: Embrace the natural breeze and stunning night skies! Open those windows!
  • No Microwave: Rediscover the joy of camp cooking! You also have a Gas stove inside the van.
  • No Coffee Machine: Fuel your adventures with a fresh pot of stovetop coffee – it’s part of the off-grid charm!

If you are connecting to “Shore Power” EG: 240V from a house or Van park, then everything will work in the van and it will also charge the batteries.

Ready to Hit the Road Off-Grid?

At Dirt Gear, we’re passionate about helping you explore the wonders of the Mid North Coast.

Things can go wrong. Its part of caravaning and Off Grid, we all have stories (laugh about them later)

You might also be new to all this and there is no way you can be totally ready, but its all part of the learning experience.

With our caravan rentals and expert advice, you can embark on an unforgettable off-grid adventure. Contact us today and let’s get you started!